Utopia Syndrome - is an exciting «point-and-click» adventure game based on a series of stories that are set in a sci-fi, mystery, and horror genres. The grim narratives take places at different eras, dividing the game into several separate chapters. Each chapter has its own unique storyline, characters, locations, and atmosphere and carries parts of the plot, combining which will open to you an incredibly exciting story and adventure. Exploring the game and interacting with the surrounding world you will open a lot of secrets and mystery along with heartbreaking stories bringing feelings of alienation, anxiety, emptiness, and hopelessness, accompanied with the creepy cut-scenes and deep sounds of ambient tracks. Immerse yourself in the dark corners of Utopia Syndrome game, reveal the secrets and find out what hides your past, present and future.

Team - We are a small team of indie developers, enthusiasts and big fans of computer games! Our team members have different life views and tastes, but we all are united by one idea. Our goal is to make a full-fledged studio to fully dive deep into the development process of Utopia Syndrome to release all chapters and to make thousands of adventure game fans happy with our exciting game!

Development - currently we are working on a Demo that we want to share with everyone in order to receive comments and feedbacks. We really understand how important the first impression of players - you can find thousands of fans and win a cup or you can lose everything. That is why we want to make Utopia Syndrome Demo the best as we can! We have already made a big step and will move on to continue the work on Utopia Syndrome and whether our game will find future with crowdfunding, with a sponsor or publisher, we just want to make all gaming fans happy with the best adventure game that we can create!